Right at the core of our business is the promotion of responsible travel. Take a look at the initiatives we're involved in.



At TRAVELBUG Tours, we have an initiative which means the team does a day of charity work per year.

We think that time is the most valuable thing humans have (as well as freedom!) and donating money to charity would be too easy.

By choosing to book  a group adventure tour with us we can continue to pass this wonderful incentive on to our team and make the world that little bit better.

Tree Planting


For every person on every group adventure tour booked with TRAVELBUG Tours, we will plant a tree to help contribute to carbon offsetting programmes all over the world. 

It's no secret that flying lots is bad for the planet. However, by booking a guided backpacking trip with us, you are doing a little bit to address climate change and better our planet's air quality. Well done YOU (and us)!

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Anatomy Drawing


We will only ever partner with those who actively discourage the exploitation of local people.

We will only work with partners that demonstrate a duty of care towards the people they employ.

We aim to ensure that everyone in our supply chains are free of human trafficking and slavery and actively encourage you to disclose to us any concerns that you may have.

We forbid any participation in exploitative sexual activities or illegal drug use from staff or customers.

We refuse to partner with any companies who we believe may exploit children in tourism.



We aim to ensure the local communities our group adventure tours visit are buzzing for all the right reasons. This means respecting, contributing and spreading understanding of local cultures as far and wide as possible.

We recognise that some communities and countries our group holidays visit are less well-off and less self-sustainable than ours.

We will only ever work with responsible partners who share our vision and outlook.

We monitor this and will have no hesitation in cutting off service providers who go against our values.



We know you're saving hard for your backpacking adventure trips of a lifetime!

So we keep the numbers as simple as possible. Tip inclusive tours give our customers more certainty and value - and makes sure those hard grafting local workers get paid fairly, too. On our tours, many of the activities, accommodation, food, drinks AND all tips are already factored into the price! You can of course tip local workers again if you want to!

Be careful if booking elsewhere as tips and extras can quickly mount up over the course of a few weeks!

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