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Queenstown, New Zealand: Top snowy destinations

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

If like us, you agree New Zealand is an incredibly handsome country, then you'll agree that Queenstown is its darling.

Queenstown sits in the Central-Western part of the South Island and is known for its adrenaline packed activities, amazing southern-hemisphere skiing and buzzing European vibed nightlife.

It attracts visitors from all over the world including those from Australia, Middle-East, Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia.

It’s the birthplace of the commercial bungee jump; that is the first place in the world that ordinary people could jump of bridges attached only by big elastic bands ;)

More on extreme sports later.

It’s Snow Joke

Queenstown is surrounded by ski resorts - in fact the town is the gateway to some of the most highly thought of in New Zealand. Coronet Peak, Cardrona, Treble Cone and The Remarkables are all within a very short drive of downtown Queenstown.

Ski lift passes will give you access to all lifts (unless you decide you don’t want this of course) and transport to the ski lifts from accommodation is almost always included in the price of your lift pass.

Q'Town Buzzes All Year Long

In traditional ski resorts in Europe, seasonal changes mean very different vibes from month to month. It can mean the attractiveness of living in a European resort full-time is seriously reduced.

In Queenstown there are seasonal changes, yeah, but because it’s way more than just a ski resort, the town doesn't empty outside of ski season, depending on what's going on it may even fill up! Summer sports in Queenstown are equally as popular and there are many, many activities which are available all year round.

In the summer months the streets, hostels and hotels are filled with tourists seeking adventure and (somewhat ironically) it has a slower pace of life to Europe and Australia, even when you consider the adrenaline packed fun on offer. The locals host summer concerts, live music in bars, weekend markets and all kinds of other community fun.

Stunning location

Queenstown and New Zealand generally are blessed with beautifully unique scenery. It’s no secret that Lord of the Rings was filmed all over the country and it inspired the fictitious locations of, Hobbiton, Mordor and Mount Doom for the purposes of the film.

Queenstown itself is surrounded by snow capped mountains and glacial lakes - some of the most stunning combinations of colours the eye can see are found there.

Adrenaline Activities

If you live for adventure, love to push yourself to your limits or test your nerves - Queenstown is the #1 destination in the world for you.

The non-exhaustive list of activities include: Thunder Jet Boating, Shotover River Extreme Jet Boating, numerous and world famously high Bungy Jumps, Mountain Shredder Riding, Paragliding, Hydro Sharking, Trekking, Gondola & Lugeing, numerous Skydiving locations, Hang Gliding, Canyoning, White Water Rafting, Ledge Bungys and Canyon Swings (the largest in the world no less).

Because we're all about adventure, WE LOVE Queenstown. It has a crazy amount of positives going for it! Why not add it to your list!

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