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Practical Gifts EVERY Traveller Needs

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Struggle no more for presents ANY traveller would be grateful for.

Zip through Hoodie

You may have read my previous blog post titled “How to Fly and be Fly”...

The general sentiment from this article is that ‘being fly’ when you’re flying is more about being comfortable than anything else.

One of the items of clothing suggested was a nice, comfortable hoodie with a full length zip. Once of the most versatile items of clothing you could possibly buy or be given as a gift!

For those who are buying gifts for ‘adventure’ travellers; that is, those who like to have action packed trips; those travellers are almost certainly going to find multiple uses for this item whilst away.

Even those who aren’t ‘adventure’ travellers, this is a must have for any wardrobe, male or female. Don’t underestimate the simple but very practical and effective travel gift.

Universal charger socket with USB slots

You will never really understand the value of this gift until you are delayed at a random international airport, in a cramped hostel room or a hotel room where the other half decides to hog the only wall power point.

Specifically we recommend getting a multi continental, multiplier plug (i.e. an extension) with at least 1 USB socket (preferably more than 1).

From here, the gift is fairly self-explanatory but trust us when we say it will be a lifesaver when it comes to those awkward situations and you just want to charge your phone or Go-Pro.

Neck pillow

We are always surprised on our travels to see small percentages of people who actually have neck pillows. They are amazing!

There’s nothing worse than having a stiff neck or a bad back from sleeping in awkward positions on planes, busses, trains or cars.

A neck pillow can be worn around the neck (obviously!) but it can also be used as a standard pillow if the one provided at your hotel/hostel is lacking, it can act as a scarf (no, seriously - it gets cold walking around airports!), and even works well (because of the hole in the middle) if you lay on it sideways when you’re wearing earplugs. Let’s not forget that a traveller may be REALLY slumming it somewhere where they don’t have any pillows or charge for pillow use.

It’s such a lightweight item and can pretty much be stuffed into any shape or space in your bag. It can even just be clipped on the outside of your bag. We rest our case.

Hand luggage rucksack

Now some backpackers out there will have backpacks with a detachable day bag. However, we suggest also having a high-quality hand luggage bag, perhaps even in place of the detachable day bag. This is because day bags are typically more about good fit to your main backpack than true functionality or quality.

Make sure you buy them a hand luggage rucksack with multiple pockets. There’s nothing more satisfying when rushing through airports, boat terminals and train stations to have your passport and ticket in a separate, easy to reach pocket; which is separate from your wallet or purse, which is separate from your chargers and headphones, separate from your guidebooks, separate from your main compartment with food etc. You get the picture. This way you can be sure that in the inevitable rushing around, they are not going to accidentally drop an important item anywhere.

We have your hand luggage bag on you for long durations, so it’s worth the extra money to buy one which you know they’ll find comfortable to wear or otherwise carry.

Oh yeah, last thing… make sure it’ll fit in the overhead lockers or under the seat in front!!! ;)


Any savvy travellers know the value of a hard copy destination guidebook. It makes for golden airport/ airplane reading and gives you some insights into the destination rarely obtained elsewhere in such an efficient way.

We would always recommend Lonely Planet guidebooks as they are just the best.

Click through the link to find the destination your loved one is going to next and treat them to a exciting, practical gift this Christmas.

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