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Long haul: How to fly and be fly

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Frequent and savvy flyers know how to make flying long haul a positive experience.

Ultimately, it is comfort that makes travelling long haul a good call.

We don't all have to look like a Spice Girl

Just think for a moment about Victoria Beckham and her chic and iconic airport look (just hang in there with me lads).

This, or a similarly first class experience is how most of us would want our flying experiences to be. Unfortunately, though, for us mere mortals who don't have droves of butlers and assistants greeting us at a private entrance to the airport, it's unlikely to be the case.

That doesn't mean we cant be comfortable though, right. Long baggy trousers and hoodies are really what's called for when it comes to long haul. Think more Sporty Spice, than Posh Spice!

Guys and Girls: one rule for all

Comfort really is the order of the day. I read a blog post recently that claimed the following basics are the ultimate combo of long haul travel clothes, for both guys and girls:

  • t-shirt;

  • trousers;

  • trainers; and

  • a full zip through hoody.

Simple and effective.

The combo is perfect & adaptable and the clothes won't spend the whole trip screwed up in a ball at the bottom of your bag; you'll always find a use for them during your trip, no matter where you go.

If you're particularly stylish

You can always Spice Up Your Life with an accessory or two if you think you're looking too plain. Lads; that might be with some cool new trainers or hoodie and girls, well, you know what to do. Make sure you choose the outfit accessories wisely though, you don't Wannabe coming across as a diva...

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