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Lapland: Top Snowy Destinations

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

We've all heard of Lapland - the magical place where Santa Claus lives! But there's far more to Lapland than meets the eye. The northern lights, anybody?

Best time to visit Lapland?

Summer is great in Lapland but it’s the winter which makes this place unique and magical. From late august until March or April, the northern lights can be seen in the dark night skies almost every cloud-free evening. Anyone visiting Lapland in winter are almost guaranteed snow until early April.

Can I take the kids?

Most definitely! There are such a wide range of adventure activities available and there’s plenty to keep kids entertained. Lapland is best suited for adults and children over the age of 4 years, though, so just bear that in mind. Little ones do also tend to feel the cold more too!

Should I stay in Rovaniemi or Ivalo? What’s the difference?

Rovaniemi is the world-renowned home of Mr Santa Claus, sitting directly on the Arctic Circle. It often has much more of a Christmas focus than Ivalo with younger, child-orientated excursions that include visits to Santa’s village and meeting the reindeer.

If it's just adults on the trip, maybe Ivalo offers more for you. There’s a wider range of high quality accommodation, with boutique and unique properties scattered out in the remote wilderness, and offers a greater range of skiing opportunities. The northern lights displays here are absolutely spectacular here. Ivalo in particular sits right-bang-smack above the Arctic Circle!

Northern Lights experiences

Some of the highest recommended and most popular ways to experience the northern lights are on snowmobile trips or reindeer sledding excursions at night time.

Of course if you decide to sleep in igloo style accommodation or a cool tree-house, it will ensure that even if the lights displays are in the early hours of the morning, you’ll be able to watch them from the comforts of your own bed!

What should I pack for a winter trip?

It’s worth getting a good pair of snow boots to keep your feet warm and dry walking through the snow. Be ready to wrap up warm in lots of layers every day using a thermal base layer to keep you toasty. Waterproof gloves are non-negotiable!

As part of excursions, you are likely to be provided with a winter bodysuit and some accommodation types give you these for free as standard too.

What are you waiting for! Lapland awaits...

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