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5 of the BEST Christmas Markets

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

We like Christmas a whole lot at Travelbug Tours..

And if you're anywhere near as keen, we think you'll thank us for this TOP 5 list of European Christmas markets to visit!


The Prague Christmas Market is based in Wenceslaus Square, an area which takes the 'Czech krone' as the heartbeat of this fantastic city. See what we did there?

The market offers up and celebrates traditional Czech culture and handicrafts. There is an insane amount of beer on tap; choirs from local groups and schools; and classic Czech foods including roasted ham, different types of sausage and the hot sugar-coated cake fondly referred to as Trdelnik.

The stalls sell a wide range of items including glassware, jewellery, stitched goods, toys, ceramics and lovely scented candles. All of this takes place in and around the shadow of a tree transported all the way from the Krkonose Mountains in the north of the country.


Brussels is a relatively new Christmas Market compared to some of the others on this list but is becoming increasingly popular with visitors.

The market is called ‘Winter Wonders’ (translated from Plaisir d’hiver) and spills out from the Grand Place to the Place Ste-Catherine over a 1.2 mile area.

There are approximately 240 stalls selling everything from arts and crafts items to food and drink, with handmade decorations available to take home. There are also toboggan slopes for the adventurous, ice rinks and a big old fashioned Ferris wheel covered in lights.

Did you know that it's possible to get the Eurostar train the whole way to Brussels from London...


Barcelona has lots of little Christmas Markets but the main one is held in Plaza Nova (Plaza de la Catedral), just in front of the amazing Gothic Cathedral, in the Gothic Quarter - the most ancient part of the city.

The Christmas Markets are a traditional festival of Barcelona and visitors can, among other things, buy Christmas trees, decorations, candy and crafts.

It usually runs from the beginning of December to early in the new year. It's a corker and a really great city all round in our opinion! Taking a stroll down the fantastic beach promenades with your woolly hats and mulled wine is an option in Barcelona, too.


In recent years, Christmas markets in Germany have grown hugely in their popularity.

They have become such a tourist attraction that people now travel, not just from Europe, but from all around the world to experience them.

The German Christmas market experience has spread to other parts of Europe too. They're now held in London, Paris and others; but there's nothing like the real thing!

Book a flight to Hamburg - it's an amazing city in itself, flights are cheap and the Christmas markets are uniquely fabulous.

The markets start around the 1st December and finish around the turn of the new year.


Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and is located in the eastern side of the country, away from the sea and near the border with Belarus.

Like most people, we didn't know (until researching for this post) that the town originated in the fourteenth century and has had a turbulent and bloody history.

In the mid-seventeenth century it was practically destroyed by the Russians, but later became annexed to the Russian empire a century later.

So much history and culture here makes it an 'off the beaten track' and unique destination for real adventure seekers.

The city is officially in the UNESCO world heritage sites list and hosts a wonderful Christmas Market for all to enjoy.

You know what to do, what are you waiting for... ;)

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